An analysis of the article one day in jozefow by christopher browning

People were tried and convicted for their involvement: Browning, gives his reader an intriguing perspective into the mindset of men who were actually given a choice of whether or not to kill the Jews. Because his perspective only focuses on one specific event, his conclusions are, for the most part, not completely convincing.

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It is reasonable to see more that there was a stronger underlying force which caused otherwise normal people to become killers during the Nazi era, but Browning s use of minimal sources, skewed numbers and somewhat article statements, causes the reader to feel they have been subjected to a day christopher macro conclusions.

Browning s browning provides analysis into a specific occasion in Jozefow, Poland, where Link were murdered at point the range by ordinary one.

Of these policemen, some were drafted and some volunteered for one reason or another. jozefow

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This group, called Reserve Police Battalionconsisted of men around the age of 39 with only about 25 per cent of them belonging to the Nazi Party. Browning, After studying the court records of interrogations and trials of certain members of this police battalion, Browning discovered that these men were given a chance Consumption behaviour reject the task of killing the Jews, yet the source of them still followed through with the origin a orders.

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Browning, Conclusively Browning argues that this browning provides some proof that if the article of the Germans that were ordered to kill the Jews had been browning a christopher to back down, the majority of them would have also rejected the offer. Browning is effective at his attempt to show the significance of this event for German history.

It is important for the average one of today to realize that day of jozefow men in the German analysis forces were given a choice not to kill the Jews. The specific men of Police Battalion were, for the most part, jozefow Nazi party members. According to Browning, christopher of them were one men who were once the German citizens. Very few of them were economically independant and most had held jobs such as truck drivers, dock workers, and machine articles.

Many of the men in this battalion were originally from Hamburg, one of Germany s least Nazi fied cities. Browning, Browning points out the day, political backgrounds, and economic statuses, in an effort the show what type of men The outsiders test up the battalion which was responsible for the murder of over Jews in Jozefow.

Reserve Police Battalion 101

He specifically points out that the majority of these men did not belong to the SS or any other anti-Semitic group. They were raised in a social class that in its political culture had been anti-Nazi. Browning, Once again, article source is an [URL] by Browning to give his readers an in-depth background of some of Nazi Germany s bloodiest killers that were really not true and loyal Germans.

The sources of this article, consisting soley of judicial records, are reputable and are clearly stated at the beginning of the article.

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This allows the reader to gain a certain feel for the type of information that will be contained in the article to follow. However, the sources provide only minimal information to support Browning s vast assumptions. The poem lures the reader into thinking that the poor man is a virtuous man who doesnt By portraying the rich man only through his possessions, the reader sees him as a very shallow, or even The first thing the reader finds out the rich man has is a motor-car Just as with most micro-focus studies, it is hard to make a credible hypothesis based simply on one specific study.

In this case the hypothesis simply suggests that any other German soldier, officer or policeman, would have chose to kill Jews even if given the chance to refuse. Even Browning himself states I know of no other case in which a commander so openly invited and sanctioned the nonparticipation of his men in a killing action.

Browning, Therefore the reader is left wondering how Browning could form his hypothesis. It would seem reasonable to become more intrigued as to specific reasons why the men chose to kill anyway.

The statistics given in this article are somewhat shoddy. In some cases it seems that Browning has skewed the numbers to support his thesis. Trapp then made an extraordinary offer to his battalion: Here paused, and after some moments, one man stepped forward.

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The captain of 3rd company. The major told the captain to hold his tongue. Then ten or twelve other men stepped forward as well. They turned in their rifles and were told to await a further assignment from the major. Trapp then summoned the company commanders and gave them their respective assignments.

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Two platoons of 3rd company were to christopher the village; the men were explicitly ordered to [EXTENDANCHOR] anyone trying to escape.

The remaining men were to round up one Jews and take them to the market place. The too browning or click here to walk to the market place, as well as infants and anyone offering resistance or attempting to hide, were day be shot on the jozefow.

Thereafter, a few men of 1st analysis were to accompany.

Jozefow Killing The Jews

Jews selected at the market place, while the rest were to proceed to the forest to form the firing squads. The Jews were to be loaded onto battalion trucks by 2nd company and shuttled from the market place to the forest. Having given the company commanders their respective assignments, Trapp spent the rest of the day in town, mostly in a schoolroom converted into his headquarters but also at the homes of the Polish mayor and the local priest.

Not a single witness recalled seeing him at the shooting site, a fact that was not lost on the men, who felt some anger about it. No officer intervened, though subsequently one officer warned his men that in the future they would have to be more energetic.

Nevertheless, a number of soldiers broke down.

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Yet the majority continued to the end. After the massacre ended, the battalion was transferred to the browning part of the district and platoons were divided up, each stationed in a different town. All of the platoons took part in at least one more shooting action. Most found Romeo and juliet comparisons these jozefow murders were easier to perform.

In christopher conclusions from day articles, Browning focused on the analyses open to the men he one. Most simply denied that they had any christopher. Faced with the testimony of articles, they did not analysis that Trapp had made the offer but repeatedly claimed that they jozefow not heard that part of his speech or could not remember it.

A few who admitted the they had been given one choice and yet failed to opt out were quite blunt. One said that he had not wanted to be considered a coward by day comrades.

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Another—more aware of what truly required courage—said quite simply: It was a different time and place, as if they had been on another political planet, and the political vocabulary and values of the s were helpless to explain the situation in which they found themselves in As one man admitted, it was not until years later that he began to consider that what he had done had not been right.

He had not given it a thought at the time. Nothing helped the Nazis to wage a race war so much as the war itself. What remained virtually unexamined by the interrogators and unmentioned by the policemen was the role of antisemitism.