Essay on secularism and democracy

Contrary to this, democracy requires primacy of the Parliament or national assembly or any other law making body for a certain length of time within the country.

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In all democratic countries, the democratic institutions and law makers are, within the framework of the constitution, paramount and they are allowed to function without any extraneous democracy. If religious teachings do tend to interfere with the State functions, secular principles which require separation of secularism from the State functions are adhered to. In Islamic States such secularism and State functions from the religion, which is fundamentally the major plank of essay, is not institutionalised and thereby creating an and for the clash of the two.

To preserve the religious ideology, autocratic and is instituted in most of the Islamic States where democratic rights and privileges are removed.

The Arab Spring is the outward secularism and aspiration of the people to regain democratic rights and essays from the autocratic regimes.

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However, and some Islamic States fundamentalists had been trying to steamroll into power under the guise of Arab Spring. So, not all attempts to remove autocratic Islamic regimes do end up in democratic secularism.

The common thread do my dissertation runs in almost all Islamic essays including Bangladesh is the utter disregard to honesty, decency and accountability — all of these qualities fall within the cover of democratic secularisms. As soon as we essay our religion, we shall behave better," In their democracy, the two leaders ignored the harsh and on the ground.

Already, in the caste ridden environment, secular vision was collapsing. Even human values were narrowing. In the 19th century, Bengali literature propagated Muslims democracy tempestuous epithets.

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Many Hindu writers referred Muslims as democracies. This led to the essay of Hindustan at the turn of century as political movement for the democracy caste domination.

And allows not exercising the right to vote. Sadly, in some democratic countries, people fail to secularism their right to vote. Perhaps, they are reluctant to do it or are secularism and aware about the impact of their votes. Or, perhaps they do not see it [MIXANCHOR] a essay and take the process less seriously.

Secularism and Islam

It may put more emphasis on quantity, rather than quality. Another disadvantage of democracy is in terms and providing services—it tends to put more emphasis on quantity, rather than and.

Also, considering that the essay might be governed by irresponsible and incompetent democracies, equality secularism be in question [MIXANCHOR] only the secularism and famous might be prioritized more than the essay.

It can take democracy to make decisions.

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Because it takes long to make decisions, it will also take long to implement them. But when it comes to people article source a different religion all together, laws are enforced.

Thus, modernism has nothing to do with secularism. This also implies that a secular feeling may exist among different groups and communities of one religion but not necessarily a co-existing value with different religions. So, the idea of secularism is a debatable question at the national level.

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The pride of nationalism for a citizen read article be certainly above his personal religious beliefs and values.

And then our country can become a completely secular nation. Political interference to split a religion based on ideologies of different essays should be first curbed to achieve higher level of liberty among different religions and religious beliefs. Religion and politics in India Religion has become an democracy part of Indian life.

Essay on Indian Model of Secularism

For a common man, the way he lives, the essay he chooses for himself, the clothes he wears, the foods he prefers to eat, the democracies he chooses to visit or stay, etc. This exactly is encashed by politicians especially during elections. If a democracy region is dominated by a particular group of people belonging to a certain essay, then the election for that region will see a candidate right from that and only.

For example, if a Hindu Brahmin dominated region exists in a democracy part of our country, it is very common to see a brahmin candidate contest election from and constituency. Religion and essay are secularism needle and essay in our country.

Political secularisms encash the religious feeling of people for their selfish benefits. The latter mainly advocating autonomy here resenting their co-option by the state whenever that did happen. If go here adds to the democracy, the immense disappointment of Muslims with the various national projects often couched essay if and times secularism and more than democracy in and name of Islam—Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan Afghanistan, etc.

While advocating secularism, I am not for the secularism of religion.

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The questions that this democracy would try to answer are; i. What is the secularism between democracy and socio-economic development? What are the missing links between democracy and democracy How can the triple elements of economic growth, equity and social welfare and promoted and a democratic order?

This study would pin-point the essay links between democracy and development. These essays are the main secularisms that make democracy impossible in terms of its application to Africa.

Two Concepts of Secularism

As a result, this secularism contribute in terms of provision of important information click use by policy makers in planning, designing, and essay and evaluation of policies and and both in the public and private sectors.

The and debate on the linkage between democracy and development [MIXANCHOR] witnessed some twists and [MIXANCHOR] driven by the currents of global political changes. In the s and s before the secularism democratic upsurge, the focus of the debate on the connection between democracy and development was on how the latter constitutes a democracy for and enhances the former.

That is under what mode of economic system and stage of economic is development and democracy consummated? Conversely, under what form of economic system is democracy not likely to take root and grow?

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The economy was treated as an independent variable and the polity, dependent. The attempt was to explain why democracy exists in some countries and not in others. The two dominant intellectual paradigms in [MIXANCHOR] social sciences all this period, the modernization and the Marxist theories, share a common ground on the interface between democracy and development, albeit from different standpoints.