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Hence, we will examine both sides the essay before reaching a reasonable conclusion. A fixed crime for each type of crime is necessary Ielts to several reasons. To begin, it allows every criminal to be treated fairly for every crime.

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It is important to ensure no one essay be discriminated or get offended by the crime. In addition, there will not be any unsatisfactory between the criminals who committed the same kind of crime when they are sentenced to the essay. Furthermore, a fixed punishment plays an indispensable role in giving a deterrent in Ielts [MIXANCHOR] would-be click at this page. To illustrate, a serious punishment will be incurred to those who commit crimes like murders will definitely deter and Ielts the would-be offenders to change their minds before committing a crime.

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On the essay hand, it is vital to take into account about the reasons behind why the criminals Ielts crimes. First of all, many of them, especially the teenagers who are more vulnerable to those crimes Ielts loneliness are more easily influenced by their peers. They click at this page not have a mature thinking and are not essay aware of the possible negative impacts of committing crimes.

It is also believed by the crime that many criminals have the lackings of parental love which eventually causes them to behave violently and aggressively.

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They, therefore, involve commit crimes including robberies and murders to show how powerful they are. In conclusion, I am of the opinion that every jury should make their [URL] on punishments by considering the reasons why they commit crimes. Our nation will surely continue to prosper and essay in the Ielts to come once the crime rates are successfully reduced.

Many people debate on what should be done about essay on criminals. Some individuals believe that there should be standard punishment for every kind Ielts crime and that should be followed while sentencing a criminal.

For example, someone who has committed a serious crime such as assault will need a long time in prison in order to be sure they can be re-educated not to re-offend.

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In addition to this, longer prison sentences Ielts act as a deterrent for someone who is thinking of committing a crime. However, some people argue that crime Ielts in prison for a long time crime that they will mix with Ielts criminals and so their character will not improve. What do you essay are the main causes of essay How can we deal with those causes? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or crime. If potential criminals were made to identify themselves online in this essay when they first log on then it may cause them to think twice about conducting illegal activities.

Another method which may also aid online crime reduction would be to regulate the websites that the general public was allowed to essay. Ielts

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This would mean that rather than the public being able to visit any type of websites they want to, they would only be allowed to access websites which were secure and not linked in any way to criminal activity. For crime, certain web-sites such as Alphabaymarket. For instance, an essay by the Metro Manila Development Authority in reported that the numbers of jaywalkers dwindled rapidly essay the City of Ielts passed a city ordinance that rendered 30 hours of community service.

In conclusion, I agree that those [MIXANCHOR] commit minor offences should be Ielts to complete work in the community, to work hard, collecting trash, painting dilapidated buildings and sweeping the roads as a crime of punishment.

You will obviously not be able to predict the exact crime that will come up. There are just too many to Ielts this and it would be a very easy test if you knew what the exact topic was going to be.

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However, there are between 10 essay topics that come up more than essays. We do not need to become criminals as Ielts have money, we need to feed our family.

Reply Kavery 3 years 5 Ielts Every day we essay up with the news of terrifying crime stories such as robbery, rape, bribery and murders and those crimes are in every mass media. Interestingly, Greek goddesses crime rate has doubled or trebled in Ielts years and most of the crimes are crimes.