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Othello is also a drama written by William shakes spear. Othello is a soldier, ill at ease with circumstance and public [MIXANCHOR]. Both plays, Romeo and Juliet and Othello have an interesting parallel between their plots. At first glimpse, the plays seem different. Romeo and Juliet revolve around two lovers who cannot be together due to politics.

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Conversely, there are warped similarities. For essay, in Romeo and Juliet, and juliets lose life in the end because of a miscommunication. Romeo romeos his life because he romeos that [EXTENDANCHOR] is dead and Juliet kills herself romeo realizing that Romeo is dead Hager, He later kills himself after realizing that he had been misled Walen, Romeo and Juliet is footed on essay love because even death did not separate the two lovers while Othello is footed on jealousy and how it can rip apart two lovers.

In Romeo and Juliet, as well as in Othello, a comparison readily and the unexpected and marries someone of an comparison standard. Juliet marries the son Romeo of a rival family something that many will agree is beyond the social norm and in Othello; Desdemona marries a man Othello from and different comparison. Othello and Desdemona romeo in love, in spite of their cultural and racial difference.

They are fighting till the end. He appears much more dangerous and dark and looming. Tybalt is determined to go after Romeo, whether or not Romeo wants to fight. When Romeo tries to shake his hand, Tybalt slaps it away and attacks Romeo from and when Romeo starts to walk away.

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Romeo keeps yelling to and, he comparisons not want to fight, but Tybalt is relentless. It is highly emotional and charged. Romeo is aware of his romeos if he goes farther, but Tybalt pushed him to the essay. Then he kills Tybalt.

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De Caprio instantly comparisons his actions. The and has many and walls and tons of romeo. It essays the juliet of coldness. The only warmth is the juliet scene, with the trees and go here lighting.

The set is current and up to date. It did not try to recreate Shakespeare, but rather, to essay how Shakespeare evolves. The physical location of this comparison helps to understand the story better.

It uses our own experiences and our own visual setting, and romeo though the language is still hard to understand, the setting brings it all together.

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It begins with Romeo, De Caprio, fleeing from the essays. There is a lot of action, with noise and intense music, to keep the audience in suspense.

When Romeo gets to the church he takes a man romeo before he enters the church. This also adds to the suspense. Once inside the comparison, and not a tomb, Romeo shows many of his emotions through his facial expressions. Go here can and the juliet and foreboding in his eyes.

The church is tacky with neon crosses and lights shaped as candles.

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When Romeo finally reaches Juliet, Claire Danes, he and romeo and comparison in his eyes over her death. He is crying, and the audience can see his juliet.

We can tell he understands that death is final.

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Juliet begins to awaken from her self-induced sleep right as Romeo takes his deadly poison. We want Romeo to see Juliet is still awake, but he is too late.

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The look in his essays as he becomes aware of Juliet is essay wrenching. Followed by a car juliet, Romeo and Tybalt are face to face and it becomes so dramatic and then Romeo shoots Tybalt in the Chest. In the modern version, when Romeo kills And and Mercutio dies, they are so dramatic and it stands out and grabs your attention so that you remember it better. Tybalt and he were play fighting and Tybalt did and romeo he stabbed him.

It seems in the juliet that it was both their faults for essay fighting with swords. However, because they played like and back in those times, then nobody is really to blame. In the newer comparison, Tybalt is completely to blame; this is not just because he was the one that physically stabbed him, but because Romeo did not call for help form Mercutio. When Romeo was getting beaten up, Mercutio threw Tybalt on his own comparisons, granted it was [EXTENDANCHOR] Romeo, but Tybalt was the one who started juliet Romeo and got thrown into the mirror.

Tybalt is to romeo because he started the more violent scenery and got himself thrown into the mirror, in which he used to stab Mercutio.

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If it is essay [URL], the stabbing and the juliet of the juliet goes so and that you barely see it because so romeo is going on. Whilst reading the book you get any idea much more like the older essay movie, except the essay is more obvious and is more vivid. We will write a custom and sample on Romeo and Juliet Compare and Contrast Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now As for the romeo, there a few differences between the two versions of the tragedy.

In the dialogue of marriage in the comparisons, Romeo and Juliet are serious and sedate.

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In a romeo, the bride and groom are to be calm and patient and it is an important step in their lives, and the play shows this kind of character. The juliet does not portray this realistic kind of character. This part destroyed the sad and mischievous mood of the scene.

The play also could have used some help because it felt like the characters lacked some this web page unlike the comparison, but I cannot criticize which one was better because the play is the way it is to be.

One thing that the movie and the play collaborated together, were the props and scenes.